Mapping Approaches Project (MAp)

TEYL in the practicum: mapping supervisory and teaching approaches

February 2018 – December 2020

This is an inter-institutional project led by Flávia Vieira (Minho University, Braga) and Sandie Mourão (Nova University, Lisbon), and involves colleagues in all higher education institutions that run an MA in Teaching English in primary Education.


  • To produce and disseminate knowledge on supervisory and teaching approaches developed in TEYL master programmes in Portugal, so as to understand similarities and differences among practicum models, as well as their impact on learner and teacher development
  • To improve supervisory and teaching approaches based on research results
  • To consolidate the PEEP network through joint collaboration in research development and dissemination focused on members’ concerns and agendas for action

Why MAp? (Mapping Approaches)

Map (Noun) – a diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea showing physical features, cities, roads, etc.; Verb: represent (an area) on a map; make a map of.

The ‘map’ metaphor signals;

  • The intention to explore an unexplored area (beginning to understand/ make visible what is still largely unknown)
  • The intention to highlight and situate rationales & practices (what is done? Why? What for?…)
  • The intention to grasp the diversity and/or convergence of practices as ‘places’ in a larger ‘territory’ (the field of teacher education in TEYL)
  • The intention to gain awareness of paths undertaken/ to undertake so as to enrich and empower that territory
  • The intention to share with others a possible blueprint about/ for action